I make paintings because it allows me to communicate and create in visual form the things that I think about, things that move me, things that I am concerned with and that I find mystifying. I paint and create from the perspective of a mother, a wife, an instructor, a mentor and an artist. I work from a place of intuition, where vulnerability and honesty comes through my work. A quote from Rumi a 13th century Persian poet truly explains how I wish my work to be perceived “Raw but at the same time fully cooked and burnt to a crisp”, I want to leave parts unfinished, raw, exposed, yet other parts happen without over dominating the outcome and then other parts pushed as far as it can go, burnt to a crisp. I want to create balance and embrace the often sensitive yet at the same time capture the unpleasant side of existence; exposing a garish appearance and ominous feeling in the work.

I find that visual art is a cathartic experience and challenging as well. In my paintings I want to bring balance to the work and often let the paint speak for itself without over controlling the outcome, this is why I often embrace the awkwardness and clumsiness of paint and try to showcase it in the best way I can. Paint, the medium itself and my experience with painting informs the work as well, I have often created works that speak of the state of painting and the “death” of it, my relationship with painting and how it has in some way consumed me and is so part of my life.

I often speak of the devolution in nature and the fragility of human beings and the reality of the subconscious state, while exploring the relationships between the physical and the spiritual. In my work I often bring forth feelings of foreboding in our existence, our memories and in living. While evoking an inconsistency of emotions, my paintings often linger in between a place of darkness and playfulness, with the ability to affect and give sensations.